Learning English from YouTube may or may not be new to you. As many students and scholars have found out, there are a great many lessons about key concepts, strategies, and structures that are available on the internet for free. Here, I have a list of “YouTubers” – people who create content for YouTube web shows, that are among the most popular with academics who speak English as an additional language. These are only  a few of the many people who are creating online content that could help answer your questions about English! If you find an additional favorite, please share it with our Program Manager, Haley Dolosic (dolosichn@wustl.edu).


Rachel’s English is best known for its library of sounds where Rachel breaks down each sound of American English. She uses diagrams, examples, and a relaxed pace to make the sounds easy to understand and practice.

Rachel also has a number of videos to build vocabulary, learn tricky words, and master communication for those who are new to the U.S.


Speak English with Vanessa is most popular for its work with listening skills and vocabulary building. Vanessa uses her energetic spirit to explain a variety of concepts and strategies that build toward proficiency. She uses tests, games, and live streams to have fun with English.

Her topics are typically advanced and built for learners to use the skills presented in the videos in their everyday lives.


mmmEnglish is hosted by another Emma. This Australian teacher talks through rules of English with simple guidance to help you speak confidently and fluently. She offers a variety of topics, including a special series  on cooking & eating in English.

She offers many excellent grammar tips with systems and structures to help speakers make good decisions when speaking or writing, including a video on when to use articles (the/a/an). 



Learn English with Emma is better known among those who are preparing to take the IELTS, TOEFL, or other such standardized test of English. However, her tips about Academic English Writing are helpful to anyone who wants to clarify and improve their writing skills.

Emma also has videos about conversation skills, slang, and many other topics. Her channel is broadly for those learning English at many levels!

If you like her style, you may also like others who work with engVid, such as Adam & Alex.


Accent’s Way English with Hadar is a channel focused on helping you to develop your confidence as an English speaker. Hadar speaks about the practical skills of intonation and pronunciation while also talking about overcoming fears and trusting oneself as a speaker. She offers tips that differ from other English educators as she speak English as a secondary language, too!

She has some videos where she breaks down the speeches of famous individuals in order to demonstrate the American English intonation that speakers might wish to imitate. For example, she has this one where she uses a speech by Reese Witherspoon.