We offer individualized meetings for resources, planning, and feedback to support you in developing your English language skills. At these meetings, we offer you online resources, courses, or connections to other offices that may benefit you.


Tutorials are designed to meet the needs of individuals who seek to work with a specialist to receive feedback and develop key skills and strategies in relation to academic writing (U15 ELP 499 – Tutorial in Writing) and pronunciation (U15 ELP 498 – Tutorial in Pronunciation). In order to be eligible for a tutorial in a given term, a scholar must schedule an appointment with our Program Manager, Katie Blackburn Brown before the start of term. 

We carefully match each scholar with an English language professional in order to support linguistic development. If small groups have aligned interests or needs, multiple scholars may be placed in the same section of a tutorial with an instructor.

Individual Meetings

Individual meetings to talk about your English language questions, concerns, and requests for support are available. These meetings provide an opportunity to learn about what you are seeking so that our team can match you with the best supports possible. You are able to schedule an appointment with our Program Manager, Katie Blackburn Brown.

Meetings may be available on the Medical Campus, Danforth Campus, and via Zoom, in accordance with the latest university policies.