Postdoctoral Appointees who receive their benefits from Washington University in St. Louis may be eligible for our courses free of tuition. Please visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to learn more about whether you qualify for this benefit.

Employees who have worked at Washington University in St. Louis for 12 months may be eligible for our courses free of tuition. Please visit Employee Tuition Assistance information to learn more about whether you qualify for this benefit.

Steps for Registration

Browse the Options Available

Visit University College’s registration page: 

Use the search tool to find the course you need:

  • Select the term you are interested in. (SU2022, would be Summer of 2022, May – June, and FL2022 would be Fall 2022, August – December.)
  • Select our department (U15 – English Language Programs)
  • Click “Search”

Click on the name of a course and its description, schedule, and location will appear in a pop-up window. 

After reviewing these courses, you are welcome to reach out to our Program Manager, Haley Dolosic to have help on deciding on your best option!

Add Your Course

Once you have decided on your course you will need to select “Add” and “Confirm” your addition.

If this is your first University College course, you will be prompted to create a profile. You will need to enter personal details so that we can keep track of your student records in accordance with American Higher Education guidelines.


You will need to click through the steps of the “Checkout,” selecting the appropriate benefit for your circumstances. See images below for options you will likely need to select.




*Postdoctoral Appointee’s Only* Tuition Assistance Form Submission

Postdoctoral Appointees will need to fill out the Tuition Assistance Request Form to have their tuition remission approved. You will need your supervisors’ signature on the form to have it approved. You should be sure to send this form to the office overseeing your Postdoctoral program. If the form indicates that you should speak with Erin Heckler, PhD, then you should now email Peter Myers (as Erin is no longer at the University).

Await Processing & Verify Enrollment

After you have submitted your enrollment, you will receive a notice indicating that your registration request has been accepted by the system. Our process is run by a staff, so it may require additional processing before it is confirmed. You should have confirmed enrollment within three days. If you do not have confirmed enrollment after 72 hours, or you are concerned about your enrollment, please contact our Program Manager, Katie Blackburn Brown.