Steps for Registration

1. Browse the Options Available

Visit & select “University College” and “U15 – English Language Programs” to see available options.

2. Gather Course Information

Read and review the listings, aware of the dates, times, and descriptions of the variety of courses available.

When you have selected the course you’d like to take, then you should gather the Department Number, Course Number, and Section Number.

3. Enter Course Information

Through Webstac, you should visit “Registration” and enter this information.

4. Getting Tuition Covered

Typically, graduate students who are already receiving tuition remission are also able to have their ELP courses covered. However, it may be wise to confirm this for your own case by talking with your Graduate Program Administrator or Director of Graduate Studies.

In Summer terms, extra processing is required for all enrollments. Please work with your program and department administrators and faculty to ensure that you are able to be supported for these courses through additional paperwork.